Looking for a Perfect Dumbwaiter? Our experience supporting all vertical transportation needs of our clients from the commercial, industrial and services sectors, enabled the implementation of a range of proposals dedicated to the dumbwaiters. To be dedicated to the transportation of food, packs and other products widely used in restaurants, in hotels, bars, hospitals and in all the areas where moving goods or parcels of goods is a need.

Why choose a dumbwaiter

Restaurants, hotels, shops, hospitals, structures and any building where you may need to transport on different floors dishes, food and others, will find an extraordinary usefulness on our dumbwaiter, real bespoke installations will help you to enjoy a practical, affordable and immediately useful improvement of operational conditions.

The dumbwaiter are in fact ideal to optimize the transportation of goods between various levels, being able to provide to each client the option of a self-supporting structure that facilitates and makes it a fast and economical installation in any ambient.

Find out how to improve the efficiency of you activity; with the Millepiani dumbwaiter it has never been so simple and convenient. Soon you will be able to enjoy all the benefits destined as consequence by using our dumbwaiter: a quick contact with our technicians and you will be able to have any information you need about dumbwaiters.

Our proposal

We are pleased to offer our clients the best proposal in the market concerning dumbwaiter Australia and small goods lifts.

A proposal that we have chosen to dedicate to restaurants, hotels, bars, shopping centers, hospitals, houses with several floors and all spaces where it is necessary to move goods from one floor to another floor easily, quickly and safely.

Adaptable to any context, easy to install thanks to a modular structure, customized for size, capacity, aesthetics and runtime systems, the Millepiani dumbwaiter has become quickly a reference standard in the industry, making them appreciated also in relation to their quietness, and the maneuvers of innovative technologies.

We also remember that our dumbwaiter lift can be personalized with accessories and options that will make the device more and more in line with your needs, and always ready to be adapted into their main terms of reference, becoming a valid and flexible tool.

A product that will quickly become indispensable for the best use of the food transportation on different levels. Our consultants will be able to design, build, install and test quickly and with reduced inconvenient, allowing you to be able to enjoy a prompt assistance in the case that it becomes necessary to revise or amend the terms of use of the dumbwaiter.

Dumbwaiter Price and Cost

In order to have a quotation or price on our dumbwaiters, we suggest you to contact us: we will be happy to offer all the details about our possible interventions, and prepare together with you the first steps in order to improve the use efficiency of your residential and nonresidential area.

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