Gruppo Millepiani in the Russian market in partnership with Reallift

Gruppo Millepiani in the Russian market in partnership with Reallift


Reallift is a gruppo millepiani partner for the russian market.
Our products are studied to improve the quality of life and comfort of our customers through intelligent systems and sophisticated devices.
The constant growing and improving of our company allows us to satisfy the most demanding requests.
Therefore we are grateful to wards our customers since they give us the opportunity to fulfill their dreams.

reallift RussiaHow was Reallift born and with what ambition?

Our first approach in the elevator sector was as employees for an important company in moscow.
the mismanagement, despite our continuous attempt to propose new commercial strategies and technical improvements do not bear the correct results.
For this reason we have taken different paths.

Our know-how, our management experience and the strong demand of the market in the building and design sector, has realised the idea of having an own business

The idea shared with valentin (actually reallift ceo) has established a company that today, after five 5 years of activity in the lift sector, has installed over 150 lifts in russia.

The reallift project does not stop and the exclusive collaboration and the commercial agreement with gruppo millepiani spa, allow us to have a strong business opportunity in the “lift” market.

What is the commercial future of REALLIFT?

In agreement with the commercial strategy of gruppo millepiani spa, our goal is to increase the clients portfolio in other channels as architecture and design

What is an elevator for you?

Lifts are our business and our passion. It is a sector that is growing strongly. we believe that the elevator is also able to transmit emotions to those who buy it. observing the satisfaction in our customers who can’t wait to use the lift for comfort needs, is for us a pride and gratifying.

How do you see the Russian lift market in the future? What do you think for the future? How do you see your market in the next 5 years, in general?

 The russian government is actively to supports the national manufacturers and the policy in order to increase the internal production and reduce the importation. This mainly happens in the public segment. While the private market is in strong growth. Many private customers are always ready to purchase products from italy. In the lift sector the advantage to coperate with an italian supplier, are the design, enginering and in addition the wide choice of finishes. for this reason we strongly believe in our coperation with gruppo millepiani that maintains the “made in italy” high.

The agreement with gruppo millepiani spa is only the beginning of an important growth reallift strives to create a network ever more capillar of retailers and increase the number of sales feagures dedicated to direct development.

What would you say about the commercial cooperation with Gruppo Millepiani? How important is it for you?

Gruppo millepiani is a flexible supplier, able to create unique lifts with high standards of design and innovation. We have a great opportunity thanks to their strong know-how and to the great experience in design and engineering.
We are even more convinced of the decision to have a single supplier to achieve an important entry in the architecture and design sector in strong growth in moscow

What is your success factor?
Our reputation as a company and the satisfaction of our customers.


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