If you house does not have a home lift, and it is not possible or convenient to proceed with the installation of an indoor lift, the outdoor lift is a concrete opportunity to increase the value and comfort of your space.

Thanks to our wide range of solutions, any building – from the most modern to vintage ones – can accommodate a home lift especially adapted to blend with the context in which it is placed, in full compliance with regulations, technical and environmental characteristics.

Why choose a home lift

Millepiani is proud to contribute to give a new life to any residential space, pledging to develop an innovative mode of use that will meet the needs of any client.
Working closely with the best architects and engineers, our team is able to design the most effective solution for your vertical transportation needs, removing any obstacle that makes strenuous or complex moving between residential spaces.

Through an external elevator, you are able to enjoy an improved convenience when moving between the various floors of the building, with extraordinarily convenient opportunities and be able to meet each user’s specific indication.

A real tool to obtain a better peace of mind in the everyday life, regaining possession of full benefits from any floor of your building, having the best quality conditions available in the market, and with the knowledge that you can always have our support.

Our proposal for home lift in Australia

Our proposal of home lifts can count on the largest and most diversified range of products for any building and in any context.
From standard solutions for residential buildings to more complex resolutions, as structured environments denoted by higher specific characteristics, our offer is united by the search of quality, and the best combination of design and functionality.
The Millepiani home lifts will ensure high quality solutions that enrich the value of the property, ensuring maximum light and transparency of the structure.

Our Australian technicians are also able to share the supports of the most prestigious architects in order to achieve a perfect integration with the design of the context in which the lift will be inserted, allowing its users to live unique experiences.

Conscious of the importance that an external elevator can play for the inhabitants of a residential space, we are also pleased to ensure a comprehensive service that will follow the product from its design phase up to its installation, and beyond: the entire life cycle of the lift will be in fact the subject of loving care and attention, seeking to ensure the conservation and reliability of the lift and value over the time. Allowing to build a relationship of trust and full sharing with each client.

More information on home lift cost and price

In order to have more information on our proposal for home lift, we would ask you to contact us: we’ll be happy to offer any detail about our possible interventions, and prepare together with you the first steps in order to improve the use efficiency of your residential and non-residential space.

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