Panoramic lifts for interior: a look at Discovery Line

Panoramic lifts for interior: a look at Discovery Line

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The panoramic elevators for interior are an expression of functionality and attractive appearance unparalleled: structures that facilitate the vertical transportation on several floors of the building, it is also the most useful component in order to create prominent and sophisticated visual of impact.

The indoor panoramic elevators are extraordinarily essential devices, integrated into any architectural structure, for the full valorization of the building that go to enrich.


Installing a panoramic elevator inside a building is a choice that brings value the building over the years, giving a substantial functionality to all those who will benefit from these spaces, and allowing the business to become part of a wider expression of the personality of the installation ambient.

The panoramic lifts for interiors are, now more than ever, the visual element enrichment cannot only meet the most basic needs of vertical displacement, as well as the need to be able to enjoy a modern and contemporary approach to that installation.

The panoramic nature offered by the sweeping views guaranteed by internal lifts belonging to this category will prove to be the most immediate satisfaction tool for the users of the system that will appreciate the attention to the details and quality, introduced in the vertical transportation unit

Created also for the private living spaces, commercial buildings and industrial facilities, the panoramic lifts for interior are the business card of your building: modern, emphasis on aesthetic, functional and reliable.


In order to meet similar requirements, Gruppo Millepiani is pleased to share with all of its users the prestigious results obtained with the Discovery line, the company range of panoramic lifts created by melting glass, steel and brightness into a single and large visual impact result.
The cabins of the interior lifts and support structures are fully customizable based on the actual architectural needs, allowing you to transform the elevator in fully integrated installation in the context in which it will operate, and enabling a further embellishment of the building.

The combined attention to aesthetics and refined details with the guarantee of safety and trustworthiness made Gruppo Millepiani an international leader in the sector: the most important certifications, obtained with satisfaction over the years, can ensure the technical success of the engineering efforts of the corporate team.

To know more about Gruppo Millepiani Discovery line and all the opportunities that you can match in connection with the installation of the panoramic lifts, you are invited to contact the consultant staff through the website:

It includes detailed information on all the company’s products and services; you will also have the opportunity to request a free visit, in order to better understand the best solutions in to prepare a for your building.

The technical department of Gruppo Millepiani will be happy to explore with you the technical possibilities, in line with your needs in terms of functionality and aesthetics aspects.

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