The residential lifts have the prerogative of being able to be operated safely by anyone. They are the perfect tool for being in compliance with current standards regarding the removal of architectural barriers.

Passenger is the line of residential lifts perfect for private establishments housing solutions.

Integrates perfectly the environment where it is installed and is able to adapt to limited space, offering a great balance between aesthetics and ease of use with automatic sliding doors, folding or hinged doors, with or without doors in the cabin and with or without automatic operation. The residential lifts is available in different versions:

Lift Lines

Passenger 42
The residential lift comply with the new Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE.
This new directive, in force since 30/12/2009, allows the application of the cabin doors making it possible to maneuver AUTOMATIC. This feature makes the lifting platform, in fact, a little lift, the speed can reach 0.15m/s.

Passenger 42 Hydro
Residential lift with machine room in the cabinet, can be positioned at an appropriate distance in small spaces, the control panel requires low power consumption, be projected over a common household appliance.

Passenger-42 Belt
Electric MRL, characterised by the complete absence of the machine room, all equipment is included in the shaft and the control panel is fully integrated in the landing door frame, energy consumption is reduced to less than 1KWh and a standby in class A certificated.

Passenger Free Sky
Characterized by the total absence of headroom, when the lift is not present at the highest floor, with completely retractable roof that also works as the closure surface, equipped with presence sensors, provides the highest level of safety for the user.

Passenger LR
is a residential lifts adapted to overcoming small differences in heights (up to 2 meters), the hydraulic drive pantograph can be with or without cabinet for the control unit.

Passenger HC
is the right compromise between profitable requirements of vertical transportation of people and goods, hydraulically, can have a rated load up to 1,500 kg.

FlexStep Compact is the perfect residential lifts for installation in areas with limited space, created to overcome architectural barriers and can be used by all users in wheelchairs or with limited mobility. The most space-saving solution on the market and at the same time offering a high-level design for the most demanding user.

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