The stair lift is a device designed to afford a comfortable transportation of people between different floors of a building: an easy to install structure, which enables people with reduced mobility to be able to move up and down the stairs of a house or an office in a convenient and safety way, guaranteeing long-lasting benefits, and conducting its own property in a substantial appreciation. The installation of a stair lift is therefore a solution of great added value, which in most cases do not even require masonry work to be able to be installed with safety, and is suitable to be consistently mounted both in private and public spaces, with equal satisfaction.

By the elderly to persons with reduced mobility or those who are suffering from a temporary disability, the stair lifts can be the most efficient solution able to overcome the physical barrier represented by a series of steps: architectural barriers which can be circumvented with immediacy, and with simplicity through planning the installation of one of the Gruppo Millepiani stair lifts, a leading Italian operator in the market for a next-generation of lifting equipment.

As any well made element by our technical experts, even the stair lifts _ can be customised based on the context in which it will be placed, thus generating the need to satisfy not only in terms of functionality – with concrete improvement of the capacity to move between several floors of the same building, and compliance with the standard regulations with regard to the removal of architectural barriers – as also in the aesthetic sphere.

To be able to know more please contact our consultants at the addresses indicated below: we will be pleased to arrange a site visit in order to understand what are the real technical solutions for optimising the benefits of easier vertical displacements, and work out a budget that will indicate to you how convenient the installation of a stair lift in your home or in your office can be.

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