New markets

Customized solutions designed on global vision

The quality of Gruppo Millepiani products and services are already worldwide recognized.

qualita-mappaThanks to our teamwork and our dynamic partners, we have installed lifts in many countries.

The close collaboration with the most prestigious architecture studios has enabled us to spread our products to Europe, Middle East, Far East, Russia, Africa and Oceania and to create an internationally recognized mutual value to our clients from every nation.


A followed product in its every life cycle

Create an elevator or a home lift means offering a comprehensive service that follows the product all over its life cycle.

qualita-affidabilita-topResearch and Development are the solid foundation upon which the design and planning activities are based, efficient manufacturing processes and assembly facilitate a quick and safe installation of any residential lift; elevator maintenance programs designed for each type of system allow to maintain the reliability and value over time, building a particular relationship of trust with each client.


Support and maintenance for long-term partnership

Long-term reliability: we build a relationship of trust with the client ensuring the quality of the facilities and consolidation through our service and elevator maintenance service.

qualita-partnership-topThe correct operation of an elevator or escalator offers safety and peace of mind to people ensuring freedom of movement. The quickness on interventions reduces inconvenience and the periodicity of checks maintains constant the performance level of the lift.

Gruppo Millepiani network in Australia has the most important industry certifications to guarantee the service, a call centre with 24 hours/day service, and operates all over the national territory; and with trusted and certified partners abroad.


Added value through modernisation

Elevator modernization

qualita-modernizzazione-topA home lift travel must be safe, comfortable and when required; fast.

Frequently the elevators in existing buildings have more than 20 years of service and a careful analysis of the conservation and maintenance conditions, permits to work with a modernisation program that improves safety and helps to increase the property value.

Eco-efficiency elevators

Development of eco-efficient solutions

The attention to environmental protection, mainly through energy savings and through careful production choices, are characterising for years our Research & Development activities.

qualita-ecoefficienza-topFrom this philosophy of environmental awareness, from the need to achieve real energy efficiency are born some of our successes, as reaching the best energy class for our MRL elevators, in accordance with the guidelines of the association of German engineers VDI- 4707 *, and certification of Carbon Footprint for the entire range of internal and external elevators ePlanet.

* The guideline VDI-4707, in absence of specific ISO standards, currently under development, is the main reference tool for the evaluation of the energy consumption of the elevators.

Carbon Footprint

Carbon Footprint are the climate altering gases emissions attributable to a product, organisation or individual.

The impact that these emissions have on climate change caused by human activity is measured, in our case, we have evaluated the impact of each function in the construction and implementation of a system.

In many countries, the assertion Carbon Footprint certificate is required and sometimes mandatory. The carbon footprint is expressed in terms of kg of CO2e (CO2 equivalent).

Safe Lifts

Compromise with safety

The quality and traveling comfort have value only in a safe environment, without additional compromises.

qualita-sicurezza-topWe work to ensure absolute peace of mind to the users of our lifts, with a corporate policy that start from our staff and that makes safety a fundamental part of any project.

Safety and quality of the product are certified to the highest industry standard by leading institutions of national and international certification bodies.