Whether it is a new building, whether it is an existing building, the presence of a wheelchair lift is a key element for appropriate compliance with the requirements of people who live within the affected intervention area, or occasionally go to the same.

A presence that not only for respect specific requirements of the law, but to perform the necessary moral duty on ensuring to everyone a simpler and more comfortable access to the floors of a residential, commercial, industrial or service structure.

Why choose a wheelchair lift

People with various forms of disabilities should be able to easily move within structures that have several floors. For this reason having a wheelchair lift made with the highest quality standards, and with the full compliance of the regulations, becomes crucial to ensure the mobility and break down every architectural barrier; achieving the objectives that – beyond the specific regulations – must be priority for the civil coexistence and common prosperity.

In contrast to what one may think superficially, in fact, the presence of a lift is not sufficient to guarantee full mobility for people with disabilities, and therefore becomes necessary to resort to the use of careful advice in order to optimize the investment. It is fundamental to give back the right moving possibilities of to all those who may find difficult to benefit from the ordinary mobility systems (stairs, elevators for goods and people, minilifts).

Our proposal on wheelchair lifts

Conscious of the importance of the acquisition and installation of a wheelchair lift can play, our Australian engineers are ready to guarantee full support for finding the best solution to make it more comfortable and appreciated use of a practical way of moving between different floors of the same building.

Our wheelchair lift can be adapted to various architectural situations, facilitating the right mix of standardization of our processes and products, and the specific client’s need and the installation environment. With the guarantee of the concrete compliance with all applicable regulations, our safety devices may be the most effective way for overcoming every architectural barrier.

Millepiani lifts for disabled people can also be enriched with modern design and useful arrangements to be installed with synergy in any environment, allowing to enhance the building value where they are placed, and ensuring the maximum aesthetic and functional satisfaction.
The installation can be done with different techniques depending on the actual capacity of the environment, with the same comfort and safety insured.

Our technicians will be well glad to show you all the proposals in line to get the best result: a high efficiency guarantee that allow you to establish with our staff a privileged relationship that grows over the time.

More information and wheelchair lift price

In order to have more information or price for wheelchair lift, we would ask you to contact us: we’ll be happy to offer any detail about our possible interventions, and prepare together with you the first steps in order to improve the use efficiency of your residential and non-residential space.

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